Saturday, 19 January 2013

Japan - Malaysia Symposium On Sustainable Cities In Asia

The Secretariat would like to thank all the participants for their commitment and time spent in the symposium. 

Below is the list of paper works for viewing / download:


1. Assessment of Malaysian and Japanese Cities with CASBEE-city by Prof. Dr. Shuzo Murakami

2. Measuring The Sustainability and Well-Being of Local Authorities Through MURNInets by Mr. Muhammad Ridzuan Arshad 

Sustainable Cities Showcase:

1. A Green-focused Agenda for Iskandar Malaysia : Towards a Low Carbon Society by Boyd Dionysius Joeman

2. Transformation of A City in A Garden Into A Sustainable Low Carbon Green City The Experience Of Putrajaya by Mr. Azhar Othman

3. On the Path to a Low Carbon City, Tokyo by Yuko Nichida

4. Sustainable Urban Development City of Kitakyushu - CASBEE Kitakyushu by Motohide Yazu

5. Green Growth in Cities : Key Findings from the OECD Synthesis Report by Dr. Tadashi Matsumoto

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